'Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.'


I have used the BOB services on offer for two and a half years whilst I was in active addiction. Things in the last three months have now changed for the better.

For two and a half years I used BOB for coffee and a sandwich but took the rest of the activities  they had on offer for granted and didn’t bother.

Due to my using of class ‘A’ drugs and allowing my premises to be used by friends I was sadly temporarily evicted for a period of at least three months (Crack house closure order).  As devastating as this was I took responsibility for my behaviour, and the behaviour of my visitors, and promptly chose to turn my life around.

BoB’s services including Tai Chi and Warhammer with Barry; Mindfulness with Meditation with Clay; along with Music and Art with Chris, and the 'laid on' catering of Gary have helped me tremendously and have enabled me win my flat back.  I have done other things to help my recovery but nothing could have filled and occupied my time and also make me feel supported and welcomed like BOB has done.

Thank You to Ealing BoB and their staff and volunteers, I am now three months clean from street drugs and I will be moving back home on the 12th May 2017.


I could never get rid of the anxiety that crippled me all my adult life and played such a huge part in my addiction to drugs and alcohol. It didn't seem to matter what was happening in my life at a particular point in time; I was always living on the edge, constantly beset by fear and dread of real or imaginary demons. Even if things were going well I would torture myself with thoughts about what could possibly go wrong. Not surprisingly I would turn to drugs and alcohol; to try and get rid of the  bad feelings and constant stress.

I was in and out of rehab on a regular basis but I always ended up relapsing simply because I couldn't cope with the constant fear I experienced. I knew something had to change before I finished myself off, but what that change might be I did not know. And then by chance I met someone.  They suggested I should get in contact with the CBT group at the Bob service at Acorn Hall, as they had previously attended it themselves and though it might help me. Seeing my uncertain response they volunteered to take me along to the initial meeting.

That was several years ago now and in those intervening years I have made dramatic progress in sorting myself out. I still suffer from anxiety attacks but nothing like as regularly or powerfully as previously. In the group I learnt to understand how I worked as a person, where my anxiety came from and just as importantly what to do about it. CBT is something I would recommend to anyone who thinks that their addiction problem may have deeper underlying causes, rooted in their own personality and beliefs they hold about themselves.


My name is Sam and I had an addiction problem for over 30 years, but since I started to come into Build On Belief’s drop-in in Ealing I found a lot of people (volunteers) who encouraged me to start my recovery journey and have continuously supported me through this.

I now volunteer for Build On Belief and I hope that I have encouraged others to start their own recovery journeys.  I have found Barry’s Tai-Chi classes really inspiring and I have found that since joining the Tai-Chi I have become a lot more patient and have more self-discipline and now try to keep myself fit on a daily basis.  I enjoy Tai-Chi so much and I am glad that I can now move on with my life.


I have come to this service and been helped so much. I think without this service and the wonderful people who run this place I would have put myself under a train because of the stress. But the people I have me (ex-addicts and drinkers) have given me faith that my daughter can recover from her addiction with all of the support of these fantastic people we meet here. I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. This place is a god-send and the more support you can give this place the better. This is a safe, caring place for people in deep distress. I wouldn't have survived without them. May this place continue being the warm, welcoming place it has always been. I wish them all the luck in the world.


I have, over the years, been to many groups. None were for me. But the guitar group at BoB, run by Derek, has become an important part of my recovery. It gives me something positive. My guitar playing has been revived. My thanks go to Helen, Lisa, Donna and the team. Bless, and thanks for everything.


I have been coming to BoB for a few months now. It has become a very happy place for me, especially since I am struggling at present. It really helps to be around such people who are always up for a chat and some advice if you need it. I'm very pleased BoB has come to Harrow, and the staff are doing a wonderful job!