'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.'

A great many people, especially those with a background of problematic substance use, want a place where they feel they are valued, where they belong, and where they can give something back. Others simple desire to help their fellow man. If this is you, then why not come a join the Build on Belief family? 

What happens on my first day?

Once you've picked your Build on Belief project, had a coffee and a chat with the manager, and decided on which days you would like to volunteer, all you need to do is turn up at the time and day agreed.

Then what?

You will be introduced to the rest of the volunteer team, the Team Leader and the staff members on duty, assuming you've not already met them. You will then be invited to take part in the check-in. This is a meeting that takes place before the service opens, where people take it in turns to talk about their week and how they are feeling, before tasks are allocated for the day.

What will I be expected to do?

There are a variety of tasks that are common to all of the Build on Belief services. You might be asked to help take people's names and post codes when they turn up at the project. You might help by taking orders for drinks and food, or you might help the team making drinks and sandwiches. New volunteers often like these roles because they offer a sense of structure, but you will only be asked to do them for a hour or so. We believe the hard work should be shared out!

If that's the hard work, what's the easy stuff?

You might spend a pleasant hour or so playing cards or Connect 4 with some of the service users. You might find yourself sitting in a garden or courtyard discussing football and Game of Thrones over a cup of coffee. Perhaps you'll lend a listening ear to someone who has had a hard week, or is struggling with their substance use or recovery. The essence of all the Build on Belief projects is that they are safe, social spaces . . .  so all you need to do is socialise!

Is that it?

Pretty much for the general volunteer role, yes. Help us 'feed and water' people, keep a track of who is in the building and enjoy yourself. Socialise with the other volunteers and with our service users, help us create a home away from home, and have fun!