'The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.'

We tend think think of this role as being for 'ambitious bobettes!' Do you have a desire to work in the field of addiction? Do you want to test the water and see if it is really for you? (Trust us when we say it can look a lot easier than it actually is!) Have you volunteered with Build on Belief for a little while, and decided that given a chance this is the organisation you would like to work for, given half a chance? Then the Team Leader role is the one for you.


It is not possible to start volunteering for Build on Belief as a Team Leader, however talented you are, because we are dedicated to having a level playing field within the organisation, but attendance at some of the training and committed enthusiasm can get you there pretty quickly! If you want to have a go at the role, have a chat with your service manager. They'll arrange the opportunity.


  • As a Team Leader you'll be asked to facilitate the check-in and check-out, supported by the Service Manager. This is an excellent opportunity to practice some group facilitation skills.
  • Working with the service manager, you will be assigning roles to the volunteers. This needs to be done fairly and even-handedly, taking their skills, wishes and capabilities into account. The tough jobs and the fun jobs need to be shared out across the team.
  • You might be dealing with the petty cash, making sure that we don't run out supplies and that receipts and change are returned by whoever has popped to the shops.
  • You will be keeping a weather eye on your volunteer team. Are they enjoying themselves? Is anyone feeling stressed or overworked? Is it time someone had a tea break?
  • One of your team might be struggling with their own problems. Perhaps a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on would help?
  • Being Team Leader involved a lot of gentle prowling around the service. Do any of your service users look isolated or ignored? Why not sit down for a chat? 
  • You will need to be aware of the general atmosphere in your service. Some of the Build on Belief weekend services are very busy and can see as many as fifty people in a session. Is there tension growing somewhere? A situation that needs to be diffused? 
  • Occasionally we have a difficult day, it being in the nature of the work. Someone might be asked to leave the service for breaking the rules of the service user contract. You might need to support the service manager in dealing with a difficult situation and completing the incident report afterwards. This is a small sample of the busy, rewarding and sometimes challenging role you will be taking on.


We're not making any promises we can't keep, but we can tell you this with our hand on our heart. Over the years, many of our Team Leaders, having attended the Build on Belief training and helped to run one of our busy services, has gone on to get a job with one of the major service providers. It's also worth noting that all of our service managers were Team Leaders before applying for their post with Build on Belief. We are firm in our conviction that of you wish to work in the field, the Team Leader role is a rare opportunity to gain practical experience, and for many people it has provided a vital step toward achieving that goal.