'Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.'

Welshore Community Hub in Partnership with Build on Belief West Ealing:

Welshore Community Hub was set up as a charity in 2010 in West Ealing, to provide a safe space for residents to share experiences and gain confidence. We have been able to work in partnership across the the Borough of Ealing, but our new best friends are the residents of ‘ Build on Belief. ‘ 

These are people in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, who are trying to re-build their lives and fit back  into their community.

I first knew about the group about nine months ago, and I was very impressed with their activities. Among other things they were learning to cook, supported by a qualified chef called Gary in producing the most delicious food.

Now, Welshore run a group for senior residents every Friday; with food donated by the charity Felix Trust, who also supply Build on Belief. One day whilst collecting our supply, I was talking to Gary about healthy eating for the senior residents, because they were getting a bit fed up with soup and bread. I didn't know that Gary was a trained chef and without any hesitation he offered to prepare food for our residents. They now enjoy a three course hot meal  every Friday.

Through Gary we have been able to meet other members of the group, and we have discussed sharing workshops together in the future, with our members learning through Gary how to eat more for less.

Thank you Gary and your colleagues for everything that you are doing both for your group and Welshore Community Hub. All our residents send a big thank you for preparing a hot meal for them weekly.

Yours sincerely, 

Christina Tom-Johnson

Operational Director Welshore Community Hub