'People acting in their own self interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation and prosperity that powers the world.'

In 2014, the charity Build on Belief had been in existence for two years and we now ran six projects, three of them at the weekend. Did the evidence from our SUDRG Impact Evaluation 2010 still hold true? Did the clear and obvious benefits of the original weekend service translate into other projects?

We decided to undertake a companion piece of work based around a slightly modified question set from our original Impact Evaluation in 2010. This time, as ambitious as we had ever been, we decided to conduct two sets of interviews, one with service users and one with our volunteer team and then compare the results. 

For this report and its companion piece, we would like to give a special mention and our thanks to Aidan Gray, who worked with the Chief Executive from beginning to end on the project, and without whose support and experience the end result would have undoubtedly been poorer.

The Data