Operations and Training Manager

Hello Everyone. My name is Karen Brown and I am the Operations and Training Manager at Build on Belief.

Like most of the Bob family, I have my own experience of using drugs in my younger years. I spent a lot of time going to clubs, mostly whilst under the influence of psychoactive substances. This caused me to live a chaotic life and led me to make some questionable life choices, including living in a squat with other disorderly individuals. I was able to move on from this but I saw a few people fall by the wayside, which was sad. 

Further down the line, I found myself working in the education department at HMP Pentonville. I worked on the Resettlement Course which was aimed at preparing inmates for their release from prison. I became aware that the majority of the inmates were in prison either directly or indirectly due to their alcohol and or substance misuse. Therefore, after nine years of prison work, I thought I would like to specifically help people in recovery, so I started working for Blenheim as a Drug and Alcohol Key Worker in a project called Directions in Uxbridge.

After a little short of a year, I moved into a dual role of Learning and Development Trainer and Education Training and Employment worker in Kensington and Chelsea. This is when I first got to meet the then SUDRG, now known as BOB. Within my ETE role I happily found myself working in partnership with BOB. I am a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnotic Practice and also have an EFT qualification. I also have qualifications in Social Work, Teaching, Training and Assessing. I am now absolutely delighted to be working full time for BOB. I am so happy to be part of the family. 

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07542 023953