Service Support Supervisor for the Build on Belief Weekend Service in West Sussex

(Chichester and Crawley)

Hi I’m Linda and I’m over the moon to be working for Build On Belief.

I have struggled with addiction for over twenty years now and still remember that horrible feeling of anxiety, fear and hopelessness. I tried countless times to give up drugs and finally was able to stop but found myself replacing the drugs with alcohol and then it took a further eight years to stop that as well.

I have six children and yes, I know that is a lot! lol. As soon as I gave up alcohol, I wanted to help other people. I feel that it is important that a person is helped by someone with lived experience. I had a few people that tried to help me through different services, and they clearly did not have a clue how to help me other than reading something out of a textbook.

I’m a very warm and friendly person and I love to chat with people. I am trying to build my career, which of course is within the drug and alcohol services. I have had a very long time out of work while raising my children after all there is lot of them!

The first thing that I did was volunteering with CGL and while I was there, I took many in-service courses such as motivational interviewing, group work, living with homelessness, self-harm, suicidal behaviors and many more. I then completed an access course in Social Sciences. Once that was completed, I started my Social Work degree, and I am in my first year of my degree at the moment. When I have completed my degree, I would first and foremost like to work within the addiction field. Outside of my career I love to run, which I find really grounds me. I also love to read as well.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]