Service Support Supervisor for 'BoB World' in Ealing

Hello, my name is Lisa Bayliss.  I am one of the Service Support Supervisors at Build on Belief (BoB) in Ealing.  I work Monday – Friday and sometimes I cover the weekends.

I began my journey back in 2018 when I was discharged from RISE for the treatment of alcohol addiction, which threw me right off my rails as I had a severe drug addiction with all Class A’s for many years, to which I was able to stop when I found out I was pregnant without treatment.

I was invited to join a bike ride with BoB which I took part in reluctantly.  I thoroughly enjoyed this and everyone I met was extremely nice. This enabled my ‘not liking people’ mindset to completely turn around.  I began volunteering in 2018, was made Team Leader after a few months and received the Team Leader award at the Awards’ Ceremony.

Then trouble came knocking back at my door when I relapsed which nearly killed me.  If it wasn’t for the immense support from my daughter and my managers from BOB, who for my own well-being spoke to me about going to rehab.  I listened and took heed for once in my life! 

I done what I had to do, put my head down and got on with it.  What a hard roller coaster ride.  Six months rehab and after care primarily with BoB in Ealing.

Now ‘Just for today’ I am truly blessed to be a Service Support Supervisor for Build on Belief.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]