Service Support Supervisor for 'BoB's World' in Harrow

Hi All,

My name is Mandy, I started my journey with BoB from early 2021. I started attending the service in Harrow as a service. What followed was me volunteering, then becoming a Team Leader. As from 1st September 2023, I am now the Service Support Supervisor in Harrow.

My journey has been a long one, with heavy addiction problems especially alcohol.

I’m grateful for my GP suggesting I attend BoB and with the combined help and support of VIA and BoB, I am proud to say I am totally abstinent. And my recovery continues on a daily basis.

I am forever grateful for the love and support I receive from my team at Harrow and the extended ‘family’, we call BoB.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected] 
Mobile: 07511 177295