Lead Manager for 'BoB world' in West Sussex (Chichester and Crawley)

Hi, my name is Paul and while volunteering for CGL, the role of lead manager in West Sussex came up and I was encouraged to apply for it. I’m proud to be on board with the BoB team.

After battling against alcohol for 35 years, I decided to focus on my recovery and did this with the help of my wife and CGL where I joined a number of groups. Unfortunately, I could not get a place in a rehab or a home detox programme due to health reasons, so I started to cut down on my own and eventually managed to quit.

This new role is one I could have never imagined having but one that I am extremely proud of and cannot wait to get started on. I will always try to be there if I can and help others overcome their addictions, to listen and be there for them. No question is a silly question. If everyone moves forward together then success will take care of itself. I look forward to meeting new people and new faces.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]  
Mobile: 07872 002247