Service Support Supervisor for the Build on Belief project in Ealing 

My name is Rob DeMacque and I am a Service Support Supervisor in Ealing, I also help Facilitate at the Abstinence Day Programme in Acton. 

I am now clean for eight years from drugs and alcohol and I am so very happy as I was using both for about twenty years and I was also entrenched in the club scene as well. At one point I never thought that I would ever get clean but I did and after getting clean I found that I needed something to fill my time. I had heard about Build on Belief when it was starting to grow and they had a project come to Ealing.

I volunteered there and worked my way up to Team Leader, I also became a Peer Mentor for RISE and I have been Facilitating different groups for quite a while.

Since I have become a BoB Service Support Supervisor I also prepare the service users for their groups in the 'Abstinent day programme' by having a check – in with them before they start their structured day programme, so that if anybody is having some difficulties in their personal life I am able to hear them out and have a chat with them so that they can then concentrate on the groups that they will be attending.

I really believe that by keeping fit and exercising you also exercise your mind along with the body. I run a gym group out of Ealing Hospital on a Thursday for service users.

I am very passionate about my recovery and I get great pleasure from being in a position to now really help others find their way out of their troubled times.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]