Housing Support Worker in Westminster

Dear You,

when we experience trauma or severe life adversities, it is not uncommon for our lives to unravel. Then, we may become very vulnerable and develop complex needs, such as addiction or health problems, and we are likely to require support from a number of organisations, including local authorities and housing associations.

Here, together with a wonderful and dedicated BoB family, I provide practical support and guidance to anyone in need of helping them to access accommodation and benefits.

Each of us is unique, and such are also our needs and personal story. This means that my approach is focused on what is important for you right now, and potentially later as well.

Me too, at some point in my life, I needed help with my own addiction, and I got it from people who knew nothing about me before we met for the first time. Today, I will feel privileged to meet you if you think you might use a bit of help, too.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07745 739762