Service Support Supervisor for the Build on Belief Weekend Service in Harrow and Online Facilitator

Hi there, I’m Simon a now seasoned member of Build on Belief.

Having settled into my role as Service Support Supervisor at the Newham weekend service and having hit my stride with the Online Programme, I’ve settled back into the world of work, something I thought would never happen.

Having worked in a variety of places, from warehouses, laboratories and in my own small way in the music industry, I have found a home at BoB, where my education and training can be applied to help others. I am also still learning daily myself which I enjoy.

I’ve been on my recovery journey a little shy of 6 years and continue to apply things I have learnt along the way in my daily life, and via BOB to pass this along to others, this, I find, is the most rewarding part of my work.

I’ve come a long way from my wayward past as a somewhat slack student of biology, that turned into a whirligig of time spent making music, DJ-ing and generally making a nuisance of myself. I am lucky to be in a stable place and have my life as near to where I want it as it can be, all thanks to recovery and BOB.

Like many in recovery I always felt that I didn’t fit in to the world at large, and this combined with mental health issues, meant I was often an outsider, but finally at BoB I have found somewhere that I can use all my skills and be of benefit not only to myself, but more importantly to others.

My BoB journey began with volunteering, in 2019, which has given me the time and experience to fulfil my current roles. Throughout my time volunteering I was able to further cement my recovery, and this has eventually led into full-time employment with BoB.

It feels strange to write this, but I have become a living example of the fact you can turn your life around, get and stay sober and rebuild your whole life from the bottom up, and even go beyond that.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07511 403465