'Being friendless taught me how to be a friend. Funny how that works.'

Attending a busy peer-led service can be quite a challenge, and sometimes we don't want to talk. Art is one of those very human activities that we all did as children, but often dropped as we grew older. The therapeutic value of art has long been recognised, and there is something relaxing about playing with colour and paint, especially in the company of others doing the same thing.

At Build on Belief we are lucky to have a handful of artists who are happy to facilitate workshops for us. It doesn't matter if you are not an artist, or think you can't draw. The workshops do everything from making collages from magazine pictures, to providing colouring books, along with paints and other artists materials. 

Remember, it's not your ability that counts, but simply the desire to take part. 

Art workshops can be found in Kensington and Chelsea at the weekend and on a Wednesday evening, as well as in Ealing, Newham and Hillingdon.

For more information on the nearest art workshop to you, click onto the borough above and the link will take you through to the homepage of the service, where you can find opening times, a map, and the contact details of the service managers. 

If you would like more information before you pop in to give it a go, please feel free to telephone or e-mail the service Manager. They will be happy to look after you.