'The problem with introspection is that it has no end.'

Many of us in early recovery has suffered from having a 'busy head', and that can make day to day living more than a little onerous. We also know that at least two thirds of us struggle with our mental health, and both anxiety and depression can make the walking the winding path to recovery a difficult journey. 

There is a good body of evidence to suggest that learning a simple meditation practice can be of real benefit in dealing with anxiety, and is an easy way of centring ourselves when the stresses and strains of living become a little too much. 

We currently offer meditation sessions in Hillingdon on a Sunday and 2 session online. Why not come along for a quiet hour or so of gentle reflection? You can join us for a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards.

For more details of times and locations of the meditation sessions, please click on the links above. They will take you through the the service pages, where you can find times and locations of the meditation sessions, and contact details for the service managers, who would be happy to talk to you about the classes if you wish to get in touch first.