Tai Chi

The most gentle form of exercise imaginable. Slow movement, and gentle stretching, the Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years to keep supple and fit . . . Read more

Circuit Training on a Saturday

A weekend warm-up before a cooked breakfast! Read more


Appearance is important for self esteem, and a good haircut always makes one feel better . . . Read more

Board Games and Competitions

There's a whole variety of games to play with Build on Belief, from Jenga to Chess, from Inspirado to Scrabble and there are always plenty of people to join in! Read more

Model Making Club

A quiet past time, the gentle murmur of conversation, and something to do with your hands . . . . Read more

Table Tennis Club

Like any family, normal or otherwise, Build on Belief goes through crazes now and again, and right now Table Tennis is it! Read more

Film Clubs

The cinema can be too expensive for many, and yet what beats watching a good film in the company of friends? Read more

Bloom and Groom

It's a strange but simple fact, that we feel better about ourselves when we look good, hence the Bloom and Groom Group! Read more

The Walking Club

We can all walk. It's one of the first things we learned to do. Why not do it with like-minded people and get some gentle exercise in the process? Read more

Cycling Club

What nicer way can there be to spend a day, having a gentle pedal around Hillingdon with your peers? Read more

Creative Writing Group

Self expression, inspiring stories, touching poems and word games. Creative writing has it all. Read more

The Fishing Club

Sometimes it's the peaceful things in life that help us move forward . . . Read more

Meditation Classes

A simple way of learning to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, especially in early recovery. Read more

Cooking Club

A good diet is an essential part of recovery, and learning to make cheap and easy meals is a step toward healthy eating. Read more

Cake baking classes

We all like to eat them, but do we know how to make them? Come and learn the arcane secrets of cake baking and have a munch! Read more

Gardening Groups

Ever wanted to find out of you have green fingers? Or, do you just enjoy the simple pleasure that comes from growing plants? We have several projects where you can quietly set your inner Alan Titchmarsh free! Read more

Yoga Classes

It is well known that a little exercise improves overall well-being. Why not try one of our yoga classes. We promise to be gentle! Read more

Art Workshops

One of the first things we learn as children is to draw and paint. There is the simplest of pleasures to be gained from something as easy as colouring, and our workshops cater for everyone, from budding genius to absolute beginner. Read more

Music Workshops

If you like to sing, fancy learning to play a guitar, or have dreamed of playing in a band, then these workshops are for you! Read more

Badminton Clubs

Exercise is vital for good health and overall well-being, and Badminton is a wonderful game both for those who love sport, and those who are new to it, since there are only two shots and the court is small! Why not join us for a game? Read more

Mindfulness Classes

Learn a simple way of dealing with everyday stress and anxiety Read more